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ZOOM Espresso Blend - GOLD Medal Winning Coffee

ZOOM Espresso Blend - GOLD Medal Winning Coffee


2020 Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) GOLD Medal Winning Coffee. (Espresso, Blend Category).


2019 Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) BRONZE Medal Winning Coffee. (Cappuccino, Milk Coffee Category).


93 Point Rating form Coffee Review on 2020

"A complex, lively espresso very lightly touched by the roast and rich with wine-like fruit and floral nuance"

Tasting Notes:
Espresso: Dark chocolate, blueberry notes, brown sugar sweetness, slightly nutty, buttery syrupy mouthful.
Milk Coffee: Rich notes of chocolate and cherry. Strong notes of cocoa with fruit finish.

  • Product Info

    Components: Honduras / Ethiopia / Brazil

    Roasting level: Medium

    A combination of three different origin coffee blend together to create sweet and balanced espresso, with or without milk. Also perfect for automatic & filter coffee machine.

    *Whole Bean


    Espresso Extraction:

    Grind size: fine 

    Dose : 17-18 grams (double shot)

    Water temperature: 94°C

    Brew time : 27-30 seconds

    Beverage Weight : 36-40 ml

    *As each coffee machine is different, the  above-mentioned data only for reference 

  • The Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA)

    The Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) is Australia’s leading international roasting award program, conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV). 

    The AICA celebrate and promote excellence in coffee roasting in Australia and internationally, giving the opportunity to benchmark against coffee roasters from around the world. 

  • Coffee Review

    Launched in 1997, Coffee Review introduced the first-ever 100-point, wine-style coffee reviews to the specialty coffee industry. The world’s most widely read and influential coffee buying guide.


    Blind Assessment: Evaluated as espresso. Rich, winey, floral. Baking chocolate, lightly scorched fir, port wine, pineapple guava, pronounced lily in aroma and small cup. Thick syrupy mouthfeel; guava and lily carry into a balanced finish. The chocolate sweetens and flavors layer in three parts milk.

    Aroma: 9       

    Body: 8

    Flavor: 9

    Aftertaste: 8

    With Milk: 9

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