ZUCO - A Hong Kong based coffee roasters.
In addition to sourcing the finest coffee of different origins around the world, we are also an award-winning coffee roaster with unique skill roasting the best coffee with the highest quality for you to enjoy.

Our mission is not only to roast the finest premium coffee for your enjoyment. We also want you to appreciate coffee as an art of living through our fun-filled educational workshops, promotional activities as well as special exhibitions and events. We are confident that promise you will fall in love with coffee through the enjoyment to “WORK with Coffee”, “PLAY with Coffee” and “LIVE with coffee”.


Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) : 

GOLD Medal Winner 2020 (Espresso, Blend Category)

• BRONZE Medal Winner 2020 (Espresso, Blend Category)

SILVER Medal Winner 2019 (Cappuccino, Milk Coffee Category)

BRONZE Medal Winner 2019 (Cappuccino, Milk Coffee Category)

92 & 93 point rating from Coffee Review on 2020.



Coffee blending is not only a skill but also an art that combines the unique flavors of each premium coffee. Before blending, we consider many important factors such as origins, roasting levels and blending ratios. After numerous trials and errors, mix and match as well as repeated testings and tastings, the best crafted coffee will be created with your desiring unique flavor.

While the fundamental success of our work depends on our hard-won blending and roasting process, it is our uncompromising work, heartfelt passion and adventurous spirit that make ZUCO products not only the best premium coffee with the finest flavor but also your best choice to appreciate coffee as an art of living!

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