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Panama Boquete Elida Catuai Natural lot 44

Panama Boquete Elida Catuai Natural lot 44


Tasting Notes: Berry, Sweet Orange, Tropical Fruit, Balance & Smooth

Origin: Panama

Region: Boquete

Producer: Elida Estate

Growing Altitude: 1,670 - 1,870m

Processing: Natural

Variety: Catuai

Roasting Level: Light

Brewing Method: FIlter

Weight: 200g

*Whole Bean

  • About Elida Farm

    The ultra-high elevation Elida Farm goes from 1,700m to 2,300m and part of it is located within the Volcan Baru National Park (VBNP) (, a protected ecological reserve and sanctuary for exotic plants, birds and mammals. The farm has a total of 65ha of which 30ha are planted with Catuai, Geisha and a bit of Typica, the rest is private forest reserve or is inside the VBNP. Coffee in this farm is only grown up to 1,950m and planted above 2,050m (not yet producing); in this area of Panamá, coffee does not grow higher than this elevation.

    For several years, we have offered the third-wave coffee roaster our super-specialty Elida coffees: Washed, Honey and Natural. Our small and micro-roasters from all over the world keep coming back for their micro-lots. They cup and pick their preferred lots based on cup attributes. This 2018 season, we did over 450 separate lots and are shipping each lot separated to our roasters all over the world.

    The coffees are produced under a unique climate and location for several reasons: the farm is located at a very high elevation (one of the highest coffee farms in Panamá), it is grown in rich young volcanic soils, the temperatures are low, there is lots of fog and mist during the dry season, the coffee trees are surrounded by virgin rainforest populated by a great number of beneficial microorganisms, and cold nights allow the trees to spend 4 1/2 to 6 ½ years to produce(2-4 years longer than average), extending the ripening time by a month—which is reflected in the development of the bean’s rich flavor profile. All of these unique growing conditions show in a distinguished cup.

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