LAZY BAG ~ Brazil Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon

LAZY BAG ~ Brazil Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon


Peanut Chocolate, Cocoa, Cane Sugar Sweetness


LAZY BAG is designed for coffee lover to enjoy the best specialty coffee in the simplest way at home, office or anywhere.


Just add hot water, steep and enjoy!


Product features:

• Each box contains 8 individually bag of ground coffee

• Sourcing the finest specialty coffee of different origins and farms
• Freshly roasted and packed in Hong Kong
• Filter bag design can retain the best flavours
• Coffee tag printed with Food Grade Ink
• Hot or Cold brew


*Free Delivery: 2 Boxes (any flavours)

*Delivery within 3-5 working days

  • More Info

    Origin: Brazil

    Farm: Fazenda Santa Lucia

    Growing Altitude: 900 – 1,200 MASL 

    Processing: Pulped Natural

    Roasting Level: Light-Medium

  • Brewing Instructions

    Hot Brew:

    1. Place Lazy Bag in half cup of hot water at around 95°C.

    2. Wait for 15 seconds then fill the cup with remaining hot water.

    3. Steep Lazy Bag for 5-10 seconds before serving.

    4. For added strength, leave Lazy Bag in hot water for 3 minutes or longer

    Cold Brew:

    1. Place Lazy Bag in jar.

    2. Add 250ml-300ml water.

    3. Leave the coffee in fridge for 10-12 hours.

    4. Remove Lazy Bag before serving.

  • Remarks

    Purchases do not include cup or jar