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Drip Bag Coffee - Panama Casa Ruiz Boquete Deluxe ~ Natural

Drip Bag Coffee - Panama Casa Ruiz Boquete Deluxe ~ Natural


Tasting Notes: Grape Gummy, Berries, Citrus, Passion Fruit, Smooth Body

Origin: Panama

Region: Boquete

Farm: Casa Ruiz

Growing Altitude: 1,500-1,700 MASL

Processing: Natural

Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Typica, Bourbon

Grade: SHB

Roasting Level: Light

Packing: 10 bags per box


**Freshly roasted, drip bag coffee is Roasted-to-order and shipped within 1 week.

Remarks: Purchases do not include coffee cup

  • Brewing Tips

    Step 1: Tear along the dotted line

    Step 2: Place hangers onto the cup

    Step 3: Add 90-92C hot water and wait 20 seconds

    Step 4: Slowly pour hot water until 200-220ml

    Step 5: Remove drip bag and enjoy your coffee

  • About Casa Ruiz

    Established in 1979, Casa Ruiz (SA) is a coffee business started by the Ruiz-Arauz couple. The founder Plinio Antonio Ruiz Gonzalez is the second generation of coffee farmers in Boquete. The Volcan valley has always been a well-known coffee-producing area because of its unique environmental conditions in the Baru volcano crest.

    Since the 1970s, the potential for business opportunities in the international coffee market attracted the investment of local coffee farmers, coffee trading being the most important business of the Ruiz family. The coffee farmers in Boquete insist to planting coffee in a way that is friendly to maintain the ecological environment, select traditional varieties suitable for local growth (such as typica). Currently, more than 300 small farms have joined Boquete cooperative organization, including the long-standing traditional manor Finca Berlina. , Maunier Estate, Panamaria, Ruiz Organic...They are all well-recognized high-quality farms, and they also doing well in Panama COE competition (Cup Of Excellence) over the years. After do hard work and efforts to improve the quality of production, Casa Ruiz S.A. has become synonymous with high-quality Panama coffee.

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