Drip Bag Coffee - Brazil CDM Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon Natural

Drip Bag Coffee - Brazil CDM Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon Natural


Flavor: Peanut Chocolate, Cocoa, Lemongrass, Cane Sugar Sweetness

Origin: Brazil - Carmo de Minas

Farm: Fazenda Santa Lucia Growing

Altitude: 900 – 1,200m

Processing: Pulped Natural

Roasting Level: Light-Medium

Packing: 10 bags per box


**Freshly roasted, drip bag coffee is Roasted-to-order and shipped within 1 week.

Remarks: Purchases do not include coffee cup

  • Brewing Tips

    Step 1: Tear along the dotted line

    Step 2: Place hangers onto the cup

    Step 3: Add 90-92C hot water and wait 20 seconds

    Step 4: Slowly pour hot water until 200-220ml

    Step 5: Remove drip bag and enjoy your coffee

  • About Santa Lucia

    The Santa Lucia estate is owned by the Sertão Group, a family firm with more than 100 years history in the production and commercialization of high-quality coffee. The Sertão Estate, located in Carmo de Minas, South Minas Gerais, was inherited by José Isidro Pereira and Nazareth Dias Pereira and is now managed by their sons and in-laws. The region is well known for its mineral water springs, perfect combination of latitude and altitude, mountainous terrain, well-defined seasons and fertile soil.

    Favourable climatic and growing conditions found in South Minas have resulted in an expansion of the firm’s coffee program. The Sertão Group now possess large areas planted with coffee and are constantly developing infrastructure capable of producing a wide variety of high quality arabica coffee to both domestic and international markets.

    In addition to coffee production the Sertão Group, in recent years, has successfully begun breeding and selling Girolando cattle, as well as cultivating and selling corn and soybeans. The firm employs highly qualified technical assistance in each of its areas of activity, in order to ensure the quality of the products.

    The Sertão Group employs approximately 135 families that reside on-site throughout the year. These families make up the core of Sertão’s permanent team and are provided with free housing of good quality, running water, electricity, milk, coffee and fruit. In addition, on-site schools with fully qualified teachers for primary and secondary education, on-site medical and dental care, soccer fields and fishing ponds for leisure time, are provided.

    In an effort to ensure and promote environmentally sustainable practice, programs have been implemented to preserve springs and water sources, wildlife, forests and other vegetation, and soil. All the water used in the washing tanks and pulpers is recycled, with residues transferred to settling ponds in order to avoid excessive use of water and contamination of the surrounding environment. The husks of pulped coffee, which are rich in nutrients, are used as fertilizer and organic matter in the coffee fields.