ZOOM & ZENITH was awarded two medals in Australian International Coffee Awards 2019

Award Winning Coffee

We make Hong Kong’s best specialty coffee and we’ve got the medals to prove it. Our two espresso blend was awarded two medals in Australian International Coffee Awards 2019!

The Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA), conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) is the country’s first international coffee roasting competition and its popularity is a testament to the credibility of the judges and judging process.

The Australian International Coffee Awards received 805 entries in this year. A diverse judging panel of 45 coffee experts from around Australia and New Zealand, assessed entries over three days at Melbourne Showground.

We are proud to be a winner in this prestigious event, it really confirms that our roasting is on point and our products are of a consistent high standard.

ZENITH - Silver Medal in Cappuccino, Milk Coffee Category

ZOOM - Bronze Medal in Cappuccino, Milk Coffee Category

ZENITH Espresso Blend

Espresso: Nutty sweetness, dark chocolate, rich aroma, lower acidity, creamy body, long aftertaste.

Milk coffee: Milk chocolate and light roasted almonds, good balanced

Suitable for espresso, black coffee and milk coffee. Also perfect for filter machine.

Components: Panama / Brazil / Indonesia

Roasting level: City

ZOOM Espresso Blend

Espresso: Dark chocolate, floral and berry notes, brown sugar sweetness, slightly nutty

Milk Coffee: Rich notes of chocolate and cherry. Strong notes of cocoa with heavy dark chocolate finish.

A combination of three different origin coffee blend together to create sweet and balanced espresso, with or without milk. Also perfect for automatic & filter coffee machine.

Components: Honduras / Ethiopia / Brazil

Roasting level: City


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