Taiwan Nantou Baishengcun - Natural / Washed / Honey


Tasting Notes: 

Natural -  Intense Fermented Fruits, Papaya, Rum and Winey

Washed - Berries, Honey Sweetness, Mild Acidity

Honey - Fruit Wine, Cranberry, Caramel Sweetness

Origin: Taiwan

Region: Nantou

Factory: Baishengcun

Growing Altitude: 600 MASL


Natural - Carbonic Maceration / Washed / Honey

Variety: Typica

Roasting Level: Light

*Whole Bean

  • About Baishengcun Coffee Farm

    Baishengcun Coffee is located on the top of Zhanghu Peak, Guoshing Village, Nantou County, Taiwan with an altitude of 600 meters. 

    In order to build the coffee kingdom of Taiwan, the Baishengcun Coffee Farm was founded in 2008. Coffee has been planted for more than ten years. At that time, Mr. So find out the soil, water quality and climate of his hometown similar to Kona Hawaii, so he began to plan his coffee dream. When he first drank Kona coffee in the United States, he felt that it tasted so sweet and not too bitter, so he planted coffee trees on the mountain and kept researching organic cultivation, and constantly asked many agricultural experts. 

    He won the second prize of the Central Evaluation, and he won the first prize in 2014. He was sent to the SCAA Cup of the American Specialty Coffee Association in 2015 to get a high score of CQI.



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