Panama Boquete Lerida Lot 10 Washed

Tasting Notes: Tangerine, Orange Peel mix with Toffee, Honey Tea finished
  • Product Info

    Origin: Panama

    Region: Boquete

    Farm: Finca Lerida

    Growing Altitude: 1,600 to 1,835 msl

    Processing: Washed

    Variety: Catuai

    Roasting Level: Light

    *Whole Bean

  • Finca Lerida

    The farm is currently managed by the Chiari Family who co-ordinated the coffee growing, protect the virgin rainforest surrounding the farm and run Boutique Finca Lérida which offers visitor the opportunity to stay on the farm. Finca Lérida’s reputation dates as far back as the first shipment of coffee that Panama exported to Germany in 1929, when the high quality of the coffee produced at this plantation made its international buyers realise that there was more to Panama that just its Canal.

    Here they built the house, completely by hand, in a Norwegian style and planted the first coffee plantation in Panama. Alongside this, he also designed and patented the siphon, a device made to separate good beans from the bad. Coffee plantations worldwide now use this device, including Finca Lerida, where it is still used to select the best cherries for export.



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