Panama Boquete Kotowa Mandarina - White Honey

Panama Boquete Kotowa Mandarina - White Honey


Tasting Notes: Cedar, White Wine, Spices, Dark Chocolate, Citrus Notes

Origin: Panama

Region: Boquete

Farm: Kotowa Mandarina

Growing Altitude: 1,500 msl

Processing: White Honey

Variety: Caturra

Roasting Level: Light

Brewing Method: Filter

Weight: 200g

*Whole Bean

  • Finca Kotowa

    The Kotowa farms (which include Finca Don K – where this coffee was grown) were named by Alexander Duncan MacIntyre, a Canadian who settled in the Boquete region in 1918. Inspired by the high, cool climate of the area, he used the name ‘Kotawa,’ meaning "mountain" in the local Ngobe language to designate the land that currently composes the Kotowa estate.

    On the volcanic slopes of the farm, you can see the distant Pacific Ocean on one side and the near-by rugged mountains of the continental divide on the other. This area is naturally blessed with a climate where the perfect combination of rain, wind, sunshine, clouds and temperature produce an organic coffee with distinctive character.

    During harvest, the best ripe cherries are carefully selected by hand before being pulped using crystal clear water from the mountain springs. Modern milling techniques allow proper selection of the beans that are then pulped and dried using traditional methods. The cherries are then slowly dried using the old, gentle sun-drying system in the cool, dry climate of the farm.

    The dried beans are rested for at least two months in wooden silos, a process that allows for the full flavour to be developed. The coffee is then carefully separated and selected by size, weight and colour before it is roasted. Every batch is cupped to make sure that only the best beans bear the name Kotowa.

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