Lili Ceramic Dripper

Lili Ceramic Dripper


A ceramic dripper designed by Jake Hu from Taiwan who is certified Q-grade and judge of World Coffee Championship.


With 48 Channels that guides the water down to the 8 holes at the bottom. The rims at the bottom of the dripper is specially added on so that the filter paper will rest nicely on it. Thus, it increases water flow rate and help to eliminate potential over extraction or channeling.


Made with durable high-quality Kaolin clay, fired at 1280 degrees, the Lili Dripper provides good thermal insulation, great for conducting heat during brewing, a satisfying weight, and a beautiful retro milk white appearance.


A Kalita 155/185 Wave filter paper will fit nicely into the dripper.

  • Specifications:

    • Color: Ceramics White

    • Material: Ceramics

    • Filter Cup Size: Ø11.2 cm X Ø5.5 cm X Height: 8.2 cm

    • Size: 2-4 Cups

    Made in China