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Indonesia Sumatra Gayo Mountain TP

Indonesia Sumatra Gayo Mountain TP


Tasting Notes: Cedar, Roasted Almond, Herbal, Dark Chocolate, Rich Syrupy Full Bodied

Origin: Indonesia Sumatra

Region: Gayo Mountain

Growing Altitude: 1,400-1,500m

Processing: Wet hulled process

Variety: Typica

Roasting Level: Medium-Dark

Brewing Method: Filter

Weight: 200g

*Whole Bean

  • About "Gayo Mountain"

    Carefully tended to by local Sumatran farmers, Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' coffee is grown and handled in accordance with strict regulations and practices. This smooth-tasting coffee produces a clean cup that is full bodied and has deep, rich flavor.

    Only red cherries make it to the depulping and overnight fermentaton process - an uncommon practice in Sumatra. Each step in the process is controlled by the parchment is rinsed, the mucilage is removed, and it's soaked for an additional twelve hours - this increases the complexity of the coffee. To prevent the hard sun, drying happens in the shade for the first 12 hours, and is then closely monitored throughout the drying process to reach the perfect moisture content ot the final green product.

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