Drip Bag Coffee - Honduras San Vicente Noe Contreras Anaerobic Slow Dry

Drip Bag Coffee - Honduras San Vicente Noe Contreras Anaerobic Slow Dry


Tasting Notes: Ripe fruit, Tropical Fruit, Cocoa, Winey

Origin: Honduras

Region: Santa Barbara

Producer: Noe Contreras, San Vicente

Growing Altitude: 1500-1900 MSAL

Processing: Anaerobic Slow Dry

Variety: IH90, Catuai

Roasting Level: Light

Packing: 10 packs per box


**Freshly roasted, drip bag coffee is Roasted-to-order and shipped within 1 week.

Remarks: There is not including the coffee cup for the purchase of any drip bag coffee.

  • Brewing Tips

    Step 1: Tear along the dotted line

    Step 2: Place hangers onto the cup

    Step 3: Add 90-92C hot water and wait 20 seconds

    Step 4: Slowly pour hot water until 200-220ml

    Step 5: Remove drip bag and enjoy your coffee

  • Anaerobic Slow Dry,

    ASD stands for Anaerobic Slow Dry, wherein the coffee is placed into fermentation tanks for 120 hours with the pulp, and then placed onto drying beds with a thick layer for a total time of five weeks.


    Anaerobic Fermentation

    An emergent process gaining rapid popularity due to the incredible and unique flavors it can produce from the process known as anaerobic fermentation.

  • Term of "Anaerobic"

    ‘Anaerobic’ is a term farmers used to describe a sealed environment. Typically the coffee is pulped as usual and then the parchment with mucilage is placed in an airtight tank, often stainless steel, with a valve to allow for off-gassing. This style of fermentation may extend the traditional timeframe of 12-36 hours by hours or even days in some cases. The types of microbes able to survive and actively participate in fermentation is limited by the lack of oxygen in the air, and is thought to substantially alter the end flavor profile.