Honduras El Viejo Cristan Lizardo Honey


Tasting Notes: Orange Fruits, Caramel Chocolate

Origin: Honduras

Region: Santa Barbara El Veijo

Farm: Cristan Lizardo

Growing Altitude: 1,550 masl

Processing: Honey

Variety: Pacas

Roasting Level: Light

*Whole Bean

  • About San Vicente

    The San Vicente is one of the most important treatment sites in Honduras. It is hosted by Mr. Angel Arturo Paz and works with small farmers in the surrounding area to learn about coffee cultivation.

    Appropriate assistance in related fields such as technology and the acquisition of coffee produced by small farmers during the annual harvest season, with a rigorous process for each batch of beans, the refined coffee with high sweetness and outstanding fruit notes is amazing in the coffee market.

    The San Vicente is also consistently ranked among the top in every COE (Cup Of Excellence) competition.

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