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SOE ~ Ethiopia Guji Buku Sayisa G1 Natural

SOE ~ Ethiopia Guji Buku Sayisa G1 Natural


Introducing our first single origin espresso, the Ethiopia Guji Buku Sayisa G1 Natural.

Sourced from the famous coffee farm located in the Guji region of Ethiopia. This coffee is known for its unique flavors and full-bodied taste. With its natural processing method, you will taste a full range of fruit flavors and sweetness. Experience the true essence of Ethiopian coffee with this exceptional offering.


In the cup this coffee is super sweet, rich and full of layered fruit flavours. It also tastes delicious both on its own and when paired with milk.


Tasting Notes:

Blueberry, strawberry, chocolatey, velvety smooth mouthfeel


Origin: Ethiopia, Guji

Region: Buku Sayisa, Hambela

Varietiy: Heirloom

Growing Altitude: 2,000-2,550 masl

Process: Natural

Roasting Level: Medium

*Whole bean

  • Buku Sayisa

    Buku Sayisa is one of the highest elevation coffee growing regions in Ethiopia, which creates optimal conditions for stellar cup quality. The farm plots are scattered throughout the highlands soaring upwards of 2,350 masl. Esayas Beriso began his career working in a government office in Dimtu. During this time, he and his brothers began a small operation of collecting farmers coffee cherries from the surrounding area and selling them to local wet mills. As this operation grew, Esayas planted his own coffee trees. In 2009 he left his government job to become a full time coffee business owner. It is now a family operation, with his wife Meskerem managing the harvesting operations of their personal farm as well as buying cherry from neighboring farms.

  • Espresso Extraction:

    Dose : 18 grams (double)

    Grind size: fine 

    Brewing temperature: 93°C

    Brew time : 26 seconds

    Volume : 36 ml  

    *As each coffee machine is different, the above-mentioned data only for reference 

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