Drip Bag Coffee - Colombia Cauca Finca El Zafiro Honey Process

Drip Bag Coffee - Colombia Cauca Finca El Zafiro Honey Process


Tasting Notes: Black Sugar, Apple, Plum, Sweetness & Juicy 

Origin: Colombia

Region: Cauca

Farm: El Zafiro

Growing Altitude: 1900 MSAL

Processing: Honey

Variety: Bourbon

Roasting Level: Light

Packing: 10 bags per box


**Freshly roasted, drip bag coffee is Roasted-to-order and shipped within 1 week.

Remarks: There is not including the coffee cup for the purchase of any drip bag coffee.

  • Brewing Tips

    Step 1: Tear along the dotted line

    Step 2: Place hangers onto the cup

    Step 3: Add 90-92C hot water and wait 20 seconds

    Step 4: Slowly pour hot water until 200-220ml

    Step 5: Remove drip bag and enjoy your coffee

  • Finca El Zafiro

    Finca El Zafiro is owned and operated by Oscar & Nancy Lopez in Cauca region, Popayán. They initially cultivated Bourbon and Typica varietals, however completely replanted their farm with Castillo and Wush Wush. Oscar, an agronomist with over 25 years experience, arrived in Popayán to study agriculture.

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