Costa Rica West Valley Herbazu Yellow Honey

Costa Rica West Valley Herbazu Yellow Honey


Tasting Notes: Sweet Peaches, Vanilla Butter, Hazelnuts and Sweetness

Origin: Costa Rica

Region: Occidental Valley

Farm: Finca Nardo Herbazu

Growing Altitude: 1,500 -1600 MASL

Processing: Honey Process

Variety: Villa Sarchi

Roasting Level: Light

Brewing Method: FIlter

*Whole Bean


    Costa Rica contributes less than 1% of the world’s coffee production, yet it has a strong reputation for producing relatively good quality coffee like this which is grown on a farm in Herbazu by Tono Barantez, located in the West Valley Region along the volcanic mountain range.

    West Valley has a high percentage of Cup of Excellence winners and grows an abundance of both the Costa Rica–specific varieties Villa Sarchi and Villa Lobos, as well as some of the more “experimental” varieties such as SL-28 and Gesha. 

    Costa Rica was the first Central American country to have a fully established coffee industry dated back from the 1700s. In recent years, coffee producers are increasingly interested in using variety selection as another way to stand out in the competitive market: SL-28 and Gesha are becoming more common, and local varieties like Villa Sarchi and Venesia.

  • About the Villa Sarchi varietal

    Grown by the Aguilera brothers in the province of Naranjo, in the volcanic Northern Cordiles corridor of the Western Valley, this coffee is cultivated at an altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level. Most of the coffee is of the Villa Sarchi variety, native to the area and excellent in the cup. Villa Sarchi is a Bourbon mutation (similar to Caturra and Pacas) found originally in Naranjo, West Valley. It is a dwarf variety with short internodes and usually higher-yielding production.