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Colombia Hulia Eduardo Martinez Pink Bourbon ~ Double Fermentation Washed

Colombia Hulia Eduardo Martinez Pink Bourbon ~ Double Fermentation Washed


Tasting Notes:Floral, Canberries, Citrus, Honey, Sweetness


Origin: Colombia

Region: HuliaFactory: Eduasdo Martinez

Growing Altitude: 1,800 MASL

Processing: Double Fermentation Washed

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Roasting Level: Light

Brewing Method: FIlter

Weight: 200g

*Whole Bean

  • Pink Bourbon

    Cultivated from hybridization of Red and Yellow Bourbon. It's very rare, but the producers say it is quite resistant to rust. Pink and Orange Bourbons are very difficult to produce with consistency. The recessive genes leading to the expression of these colors are easily thwarted by the presence of yellow and red genes in a given pollen grain. A carefully isolated and contained lot can do quite well and preserve the unique color and character of this variety, though this is quite hard to find.


    Pink Bourbon has a substantial amount of glucose which has been thought to help give the coffee its more delicate, soft and complex profile.

  • Double Fermentation Washed

    Double fermentation, also known as double washed. This is essentially a method that washes and ferments coffees over the course of 2 rounds. When coffees are picked and sorted, they are placed in canals or tubs of water and soaked for fermentation for a period of time. After, the coffees are scrubbed and washed through canals. The 2nd round of fermenting/washing, repeats the first round and then proceeds to the drying process.

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